Wednesday, July 27, 2016

"and great was the fall of it" - Spiritual Fields and Nerve Cells


Spiritual Fields and Nerve Cells

The cells of the human body are replaced everyday since some cells have lifetime of only 24 hours though others have 10 years or more of the lifetime.

Cells of the walls of the stomach die in 24 hours to be replaced with new ones.  The red blood cells have the life duration of 120 days.  Bone cells can survive for 10 years.  But basically brain cells do not die till the end of the life of the human being.

All the cells of the human body have finite lifetime except brain cells or nerve cells.  It means our consciousness consists in brain cells.  Our sense of integrity and sense of self come from the fact that brain cells never be replaced with new ones.

If brain cells die in a day to be replaced new ones, our self-identity will be lost.   If 10% of brain cells are replaced each day, we will change 10% every day.  And when 100% of our brain cells are replaced, we will be totally different persons.  The number of nerve cells in the brain is about 150 billion.  They all in harmony and integrity constitute our sense of self.  Our minds are really in the brains that are made of unchanged nerve cells, so that we can keep continuity of sense of our existence from the past to the present.


There are tens of billions of cells in the cerebrum, a major part of the brain.  Each cell in the cerebrum has tens of thousands of synapses, structures each of which permits a nerve cell to pass an electrical or chemical signal to another cell.  These electrical signals are direct sources of our mind work.  But our minds are not only products of electrical signals in our brains.  Our minds are not only physical and chemical phenomena.  We can feel and think not as machines made of biological cells but as spiritual entities.

There are electric-magnetic fields in the space.  They are received by electronic circuits in smart phones, radio receivers, TV sets , etc. through antennas.  Like it, there are spiritual fields working to our brain cells that receive spirit power or energy, so that our nerve cells function spiritually not as machines but as human beings who can feel and think.

This interaction between the spiritual fields and our nerve cells is work of our minds.  So, our sense of self partly rests on spiritual fields that should come from the spiritual universe.  And, when we physically or biologically die and our cells stop functioning, our sense of self should totally shift to the spiritual universe leaving this material world.

But, there is one big mystery: why did God create this material universe about 14 billion years ago to eventually create human beings whose brain cells interact with spiritual fields and further with the spiritual universe?

Especially, because very small or almost zero is the probability that a galaxy has a solar system with a planet suitable for emergence of forms of life that eventually evolve into the mankind, it is extremely hard to believe that God created this universe in order to create the mankind.

There must be easier way to create living things that interact with the spiritual world.  It is really a long way from the Big Bang at the start of development of the universe to establishment of the mankind whose brain cells have capability to interact with spiritual fields flowing from the spiritual universe to this material universe.

But, there is nothing difficult for God, since He is almighty.

Anyway, this is also a proof that God exists in a probability higher that the one for our existence.  God exists more likely than we seem to exist.

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Mat 7:26 And every one that heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand:
Mat 7:27 And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell: and great was the fall of it.