Thursday, November 10, 2016

"cried, saying, Hosanna" - Victory of American Christians?

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Victory of American Christians?

The US Presidential Election ended with the victory of Trump, though The New York Times predicted that Hillary would win in a probability of 80%.

However, a holy spirit told me not to trouble myself.  So, whatever this outcome is, it will not harm us.

Another indication by the spirit is that "he would be handed to gentiles."  This world might symbolize what president Trump would be.

One of remarkable results of election analysis is the following by The New York Times:
58% of Protestants and other Christians voted for Trump.
52% of Catholics voted for Trump.
71% of Jewish voted for Hillary.
62% of other religion followers voted for Hillary.
68% of the non religious voted for Hillary.

God might have heard more prayers from Christians who wanted to stop non-religious movements led by liberal and progressive Democrats and Hillary Clinton.

Consequently, it might be regarded as a kind of victory of American Christians rather than Donald Trump.

Nonetheless, Christians might not have voted for Trump if Hillary cannot be their choice:
Donald Trump
  • Christian who fears God (No, Biblically unqualified)
  • Has a reprobate mind, doesn’t care if grown men use the bathroom with little girls.
  • Doesn’t fear God by including transgenders in the Miss USA beauty pageant, which is rebellion to God (Deuteronomy 22:5)
  • Would persecute Christians including the founding fathers, approves sending Christians to jail since Trump states same-sex marriage is the law of the land
  • Prays with Muslims and false gods.
  • Notes
  • Trump is immoral, being called a “sexual predator” and a “dirty old man” for going after another man’s wife.
  • Known for covetousness, common belief is Trump serves Mammon (money) not God

By contrast, Hillary Clinton has pledged to nominate justices who will uphold Roe v. Wade. Additionally, she refuses to place any restrictions on abortion, regardless of reason for or the timing of the abortion.   
Abortion is not the only issue that should be of concern to conscientious Christians.  Over the last eight years, the Obama administration has launched an all-out attack on religious liberty in America by suing the Little Sisters of the Poor Catholic charity, forcing Christians schools to allow men in women’s locker rooms under Title IX requirements for transgender rights, and being a willing accomplice in bankrupting Christians who try to exercise their faith through their businesses.  
This war against religious liberty will only escalate under Hillary Clinton who is resolved to nominate Supreme Court justices, as well as dozens of federal judges with lifetime appointments, who embrace an expansionist view of the Constitution  and will force the secular progressive agenda down the throats of Americans.  Remember, the next president will serve only 4 or 8 years, but these justices and judges will impact our nation for decades.

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Mar 11:9 And they that went before, and they that followed, cried, saying, Hosanna; Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord:
Mar 11:10 Blessed be the kingdom of our father David, that cometh in the name of the Lord: Hosanna in the highest.