Thursday, November 10, 2016

"I send my messenger before thy face" - Cannot be a War on Mexico

Fukushima, Japan

Cannot be a War on Mexico

To tell the truth, a month before November 8, a holy spirit indicated me that Trump would win.

But later, I wondered how Trump could win, since The New York Times presented its prediction on the election against this indication.  For example, it estimated that the chance of Trump's victory in Florida and North Carolina at 30% or so.   It also declared that the chance for Hillary's victory is above 80%.  And, I listened to another holy spirit and got the word, "Something would escape his hands."  I judged that the chance for victory of Trump would be lost.  But it was the result that escaped The New York Times.

This series or trend of the American politics started with President Bill Clinton's trouble with a young woman.  It had an influence on the 2000 Presidential Election where Al Gore was forced to concede to W. Bush, though it looked like Al Gore virtually wan even in controversy Florida.

W. Bush was faced with the 9/11 Terror, though the responsibility for this large-scale terror on the mainland America should be shared by Bill Clinton and W. Bush.  However, the War on Iraq President W. Bush launched was found later to be based on false or concocted information.  W. Bush was also responsible for the Enron scandal, the subprime loan fiasco, and the Financial Crisis.  Later angry people started a movement called "Occupy Wall Street."

Disenchantment with W. Bush and other white elite politicians spread widely across the U.S.  Accordingly, Barack Obama was elected as the first African American US President in the middle of the economic crisis and high unemployment,  All Obama had to do is help recovery of the US economy.  It took almost the two terms of his presidency that the US economy has been almost fully recovered.  And now, most of American voters, which mean white voters, do not need an African American President any more.  They rather want somebody who can take back the White House to white voters from Obama and those who are close to him.

Hillary Clinton is too close to Obama and other minorities.  Sanders might be more appealing but he is clearly against the American mainstream economic system.  Jeb Bush is out of question, since he is a younger brother of W. Bush.  Cruz and Rubio lack experiences, skills, and passionate agendas.  Only Trump riding an influential power of commercialism has looked like sharing the same culture with whites in general and having passion and energy matching the anger held by ordinary or poor white voters who think they are neglected by elites in Washington DC and New York.

So, it is racial, cultural, and economic aspects of  relationship between Presidential candidates and ordinary or poor white voters that has decided the outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election.

President Trump is expected to be helped by recovered US economy, owed mostly to Obama's administration, and without doing anything special, he will not be blamed in terms of the US economy.  If general economic situations should be more improved, disgruntled white voters will not blame Trump, since the unemployment rate will continue to decrease.    But the real issue for Trump is diplomacy on which Obama's performance has been poor due to lack of his experiences.

Past Republican Presidents had all faced grave security issues: Reagan with the Star Wars challenge and the falling Soviet Union, W.H. Bush with the Gulf War, and W. Bush with the War on Terror.

So, the issue for Trump's administration is what war or what grave security incident will emerge, though it cannot be a war on Mexico.

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Mat 11:10 For this is he, of whom it is written, Behold, I send my messenger before thy face, which shall prepare thy way before thee.