Monday, December 19, 2016

"He shall not strive, nor cry" - A Christmas Story?


A Christmas Story?

There was a British writer a century ago who had tried to help and save a prostitute when he was a student in a local city of England.

But as he had no money for himself, he stole money from another student of the university where he learnt.  However, he was found in his act of the crime and arrested by the police.  Accordingly he was expelled from the university.

But his friends had compassion on him, so that they collected some money, gave it to him,  and sent him to the U.S.  But this young man could not find a job easily in America and wandered as a vagabond from New York to Chicago.

Desperately, he visited a newspaper office in Chicago to ask them to buy his novel.  A responsible man told him that if he he brought a novel next day, the newspaper would buy it.  So, the desperate British young man wrote a short novel overnight in a cheap hotel.  The newspaper company bought it and put it on its paper.  Following it, as other newspaper companies started to offer chances for writing to him, he could get some money.  But,  he finally decided to return to  England after spending a year in the US.  

The young man started to live as a writer in London, but his works didn't sell well.  However, he called the prostitute to London and married her.  But his wife, an ex-prostitute, could not enjoy a poor life with him in London.  She drank much, got ill, and died in time.  But, years later, his works started to get many readers and eventually he succeeded as a novelist.

So, we should wonder what novel God wanted this man to write based on his experience from a local city in England to New York and further to Chicago, and then back to England to settle in London which was triggered by his love or compassion to a prostitute in a local city in England.

A Christmas story?

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Mat 12:19 He shall not strive, nor cry; neither shall any man hear his voice in the streets.