Sunday, December 18, 2016

"I will put my spirit upon him" - You Must Not Trust the Pope

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You Must Not Trust the Pope

There are many people who are engaged in Christianity, namely, priests, clergymen, bishops, scholars of religion, etc. but who cannot understand any spiritual matters.

These people don't think that there are Heaven and the hell.  They think what is described in the Bible is just fantasy or a simple story.  They think the teaching of Christ Jesus is just mere ethical codes or lessons.  They cannot believe miracles and spiritual matters.  They don't even think that men have souls.  They think if a man dies, nothing is left and nothing happens to his soul; they are virtually atheists.  

But, they are engaged in professions related to Christianity because of worldly reasons.  For example, their parents have been priests so that they can easily take the same path.  Or they think that they can have middle class lives if they become priests.  Sometimes, they have found that they have no other ability but become priests.

Such priests or clergymen may function to support the social framework of Christianity.   But they are not holy at all.  From the beginning, they cannot understand what is holy and what is evil.  Ultimately, they will join Satan rather than God.  What they want is that they are respected as priests, though they don't even know they are not true followers of God, by others who also don't understand Christianity.  They want to just enjoy social status as priests, though they are harming society in an inexplicit manner.

But they are not acutely so harmful that other leaders of cults.  Leaders of cults think that they can abuse religion to earn money.  They intentionally cheat people into believing that they are holy.  For them, religion is an easy mean to make money.  They think that there are many stupid people who believe God.  All they have to do is to show some religious knowledge, and then those innocent people would believe and respect them.  They deserve being cheated and deceived, they think.  By taking advantage of good nature or weakness of others, they sell their phony religion to these victims.  They are harming society through their mean-spirited religious activities in an explicit manner.

So, how can we make difference between true followers of God or holy men from phony religious professionals?

If those who are engaged in religious matters are rich, you must not trust them.  If those who are engaged in religious matters have any titles or high status in their religious bodies, you must not trust them.  If those who are engaged in religious matters show a lack of understanding of social justice, spiritual matters, or compassion to the poor or victims, you must not trust them.

If they are homeless, you may trust them.

In this context, you must not trust the Pope and those who are surrounding him.


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Mat 12:18 Behold my servant, whom I have chosen; my beloved, in whom my soul is well pleased: I will put my spirit upon him, and he shall shew judgment to the Gentiles.