Saturday, January 06, 2018

"both righteous before God" - Don't Call Me God


Don't Call Me God

Christ Jesus came to this world to save the poor and preach the word of God.  He did not come to be respected as God.

But if Christ Jesus had been God, it could have been impossible for His followers to be unable to sense the truth that Christ Jesus was God; accordingly on some occasions they called Him God, but Christ Jesus told them not to call Him God.

Or rather on anone occasion, Christ Jesus asked His followers who they thought Him to be.  The competed in showing respect, saying, "You are a messiah!" and "You are the Son of God!"  But Christ Jesus also told them not to tell who He was.

Later Christianity adopted a creed that Christ Jesus was God and other doctrines based on the creed.  However, God did not destroy the Vatican.  Yet, He allowed the establishment of another religion Islam that denied the Christian creed that Christ Jesus was God.

Today, however, there is no dispute as to whether or not Christ Jesus was God between Christians and Muslims as well as between Christians and Judaists.  Rather, Muslims who suffered wars and other tragedies have left their countries and immigrated into Christian Europe.  If religion was more important then their safety and lives, those Muslims would not have asked shelters in Christian Europe.

In addition, there have been many Jewish people having been engaged in various sectors of Christian societies.  They have obtained high reputation due to their success, especially, in the financial sector, the academic sector, the entertainment sector, etc.  How could those Jewish people feel content in their success in societies whose mainstream religion they could not accept?       

Put extremely, nobody believes in religion.  They don't mind what and who their God is.  They believe that God does not save them but money does.  And the major source of money is outwardly-Christian Europe and America.  Whatever religions they might belong to, they would rather immigrate into Europe and America or continue to build their lives there as long as safety and wealth are promised there.  And, those successful Jewish people and Muslims would still perform their religions in Europe and America most of whose people believe, on a superficial level, that Christ Jesus is God, which their religions originally and officially cannot accept.

Put frankly, nobody believe in his religion.  They don't believe God saves them but believe money does.  Even Christians in Europe and America don't mind their God.  For them, it is also money but not God that saves them.  So, Christians in Europe and America don't mind that Judaists and Muslims don't believe that Christ Jesus is God as long as they believe that money saves them but not God.  They - Christians, Judaists, and Muslims - believe in the same religion where money is positioned above God.  They understand one another as believers of money.  They belong to the same religion overriding Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

So, if God gave a new religion to the mankind, the result would be the same.  The mankind might accept the new religion facially, but they respect money more.  That is why God has not given another religion to the mankind since He gave Islam.

So, Christ Jesus said not to call Him God.  If people had done so, though actually they did, their sins would have been much worse as we observe the situation today.     

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Luk 1:6 And they were both righteous before God, walking in all the commandments and ordinances of the Lord blameless.