Thursday, March 22, 2007

Miracle of Reviving a Girl

Miracle of Reviving a Girl

There is an interesting description about one of miracles Jesus Christ performed in the Holy Report or the Gospel.

People said that a girl was dead; but Jesus Christ, with intention to educate people to understand life and death, said that she was just "sleeping."

Accordingly, Jesus Christ told the girl to wake up; and then the dead girl came back to life and woke up.
* * *

When a man has died, his mind, as the work of his brain cells and synapses, stops to work. But, the story does not end there.

Something, called a soul, linked to different space and time still exists in our universe, keeping connection with his physical entity or body (or even without it in special cases). This state can be regarded as "sleeping."

When the soul is completely disconnected from a human body and this material world, it gets into a new state of "awakening" in the different space and time which might be called "another world" or "Heaven" in the best case.

In this state, you cannot come back to this world; and thus your body, if still remained, will return to the ground.

In the above incident recorded in the Gospel, the girl was still in the state of "sleeping," though her soul was about to leave for another world.

Therefore, Jesus Christ exercised His power to call her soul fully back to her physical entity, which triggered life process again in her body as a miracle.

If her soul had completely left her physical entity, Jesus Christ would not have said that she was "sleeping" and would not have called her soul back to this universe.
* * *

There are many books that deal with life and death using complicated words and logics. But, this simple Jesus Christ's miracle surpasses any other arguments on life and death.

You cannot easily imitate Jesus Christ's miracle.

You need great love to a person whose soul you are going to communicate with directly.

What's more, you must have special power that can work on a human body to revive a person with energy that existed before this universe was born.
* * *

Jesus Christ gave this kind of power (transcendent philosophically) to His disciples, so that He told them to go out and heal people.

But now, if a religious establishment cannot perform this healing work, it is no longer an organization of disciples of Jesus Christ.

(This conclusion might sound too harsh, but we are talking about a representative of Jesus Christ or God, but not a representative of a king or a queen of a remote country.)
* * *

Seeing a girl reviving in this world again must be really splendor.

(Mankind has not seen such an incident for too long due to somebody's default.)

However, mankind was created to meet God in time. We have to leave unnecessary things, such as a physical body, money, and painful memory, in this world in order to see God in other space and time, the process of which we call death.

(Now, what else miracle do you need? A disease cured, blind eyes opened, a mystery resolved, and a way for love discovered? Yes, a prophecy of a miracle is coming true.)