Sunday, August 19, 2007

Son of Man, Son of a Black, and Son of a Celebrity

Mt. Fuji 100 Kilo-Meters Far(what else can look so nice 100km far...)
(indeed, you look so, too...though lily-white)

Son of Man, Son of a Black, and Son of a Celebrity
(Fils de l'homme, fils d'un noir, et fils d'une célébrité)

Why did Jesus Christ call himself "Son of Man," instead of "Son of God?"

The title "Son of Man" must have been used only by poor people 2000 years ago. Or, to be called "Son of Man" must have been a kind of humiliation.

No matter how poor you are, you are still a son of a man. Therefore, no matter how poor and lowly you are, you can still use the title "Son of Man."

It is poor man's last resort in expressing himself with his best pride. That is "Son of Man."

Conversely, the title "Son of Man" could be a target of laughing. Rich men and people with other attractive titles never called themselves "Son of Man," and thus would laugh at those who could use no other titles but "Son of Man."

However, there were many poor and lowly Israelites 2000 years ago. So, Jesus Christ openly called himself "Son of Man" to proclaim that He is one of those poor and lowly people.
* * *

In the U.S., if you are a follower of Jesus Christ, you have to call yourself "Son of a Black," since the so called "black people" were descendants of slaves of 140 years ago.

Even if you are a European American but a follower of Jesus Christ in the U.S., you have to call yourself "Son of a Black."

2000 years ago, Jesus Christ called himself "Son of Man." Yet, His followers all knew that He was the son of God.

Today, the most pious European American must call himself "Son of a Black." Yet, his friends should all know that he is a pious son of a White.
* * *

For Jesus Christ to have called Himself "Son of Man" is tantamount to today's pious white-man's calling himself "Son of a Black."

While Jesus Christ was the highest ranking man in mankind, He positioned himself at the lowest level in the social order in Palestine 2000 years ago.

In this context, He called himself "Son of Man," meaning He was one of those who had no way but use the lowest title in the community.
* * *

Now you know why the Son of God called Himself "Son of Man."

It shows his unlimited love to poor and lowly people.

Even if you are a son of a celebrity in the U.S., now you know how you should call yourself to show your faith in Jesus Christ.

Yes, we are all "Son of a Black!"

Jesus Christ would surely call Himself "Son of a Black" instead of "Son of a White," if He comes to the U.S., though He must look like an Arab actually.

(Your racial identity is a secondary matter. Your mission defines what you are.

If your mission requests you to paint your face black, you have to paint your face black. Thus, there must be no such a thing as a white faced Christian priest in the U.S.

It is far better than being given a fate of being killed in the War on Terror, isn't it?

But, in my view, the God does not request Japanese to paint his or her face black for a certain reason....Anyway, black needs golden to look nicer....And, golden needs white to look nicer.)

"...A large crowd was listening to Jesus gladly..."