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"in the sepulchre that Abraham bought" - The Dark Matter, Past Force in Inertia

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The Dark Matter, Past Force in Inertia

When you see the shapes of various galaxies, you may find that spiral patterns are common.  But it does not look like a pattern in the extension of the solar system.

Many starts are arrayed in a spiral pattern in our Milky Way System.  But it is a pattern of ordinary vortex.
The Milky Way System observed from above!/渦【水流】
A Water Vortex

If the Milky Way System was created with an entity of huge mass at its center and gravity-connected stars around it, it must not look like a kind of vortex.  Indeed, to explain the movement of galaxies, scientists had to introduce the so-called dark matter.  It means that galaxies were created in a very different manner than the solar system where gravity works as the almost only factor in shaping the system.

Something like water or liquid started to move in the universe billions of years ago.  So, it took a shape of a vortex of water.  But that something was not stars or hydrogen atoms, original material of starts.  It was not even elementary components that constitute hydrogen atoms or protons and electrons.  But, hydrogen atoms were pulled by this vortex force.  And, along the stream of this vortex, hydrogen atoms were concentrated to form stars.

Therefore, gravity of stars (and a black hole) is not the primary source of force that make a galaxy rotate like a vortex.  Stars are like dusts on the vortex stream of water.  While they were rotating, first evenly, on the water, they came to gather together and merge to form some lumps which were actually stars.  So, in this vortex of water or a galaxy, the major force that has established the vortex pattern of stars is not gravity between lumps of dusts or stars, but it is the force that caused the vortex in the university.

Now scientists have come to call it the dark matter, though they cannot identify it.

The point at issue is that this dark matter moved like water forming a vortex.  And on this vortex of dark matter, hydrogen atoms converged and formed stars to move along with the movement of the dark matter.

To make this theory possible, the dark matter has to work on hydrogen atoms or electrons and protons.  This force must be gravity.  So, scientists think the dark matter has only one feature of gravity without any other physical properties such as electromagnetism.  However, they cannot identify the dark matter with this characteristic.  No elementary particles meet this condition.

Therefore, we had better think that this vortex of the dark matter must have worked on components of elementary particles such as electrons and protons before they shaped electrons and protons where gravity worked.  Since components of hydrogen atoms were pulled by the dark matter in its vortex movement, hydrogen atoms that are components of stars look like being pulled by the dark matter.  So, it is not force directly caused by gravity between stars and the dark matter that caused the vortex shape of stars in a galaxy.  Therefore, if scientists try to find material that is pulling stars and being puled by stars to make the shape of a galaxy, they cannot find such material.

Before hydrogen atoms were created or electrons and protons were created, there had been some original form of material or mass.  And, from them, electrons and protons were created to eventually form hydrogen atoms.  But, this original form of material moved like a vortex at many locations in the early university.

But after establishment of stars, namely hydrogen atoms, they did lose interaction with the original form of material or mass that must become part of the space.  Because they belong to different phases of material or energy.  Like lumps of dust which are left after water is suddenly evaporated, galaxy stars are left in the shape of a vortex.  But as a legacy or inertia from the original vortex movement of the original form of material that must have become part of the space, stars in a galaxy still take the shape of a vortex and move like a vortex around their center.  

Put simply, there is no dark matter today.  Once it was moving like a vortex in the universe, but after hydrogen atoms were created from it, it must have returned to part of the space.  Anyway, from it, electrons and protons, and hydrogen atoms and finally stars were created.  So, the force that makes it possible for galaxy stars to rotate like a vortex today is what worked in past on ingredients of stars but it is not generated today, though as inertia, stars of a galaxy are moving as if they were receiving the force today.

Even for light to travel from the sun to the earth, it takes 8 minutes.  Or for gravity generated in the sun to reach the earth, it takes 8 minutes.  If the sun disappears this moment, the earth will rotate around the sun for another 8 minutes.

In the similar way, though the live dark matter interaction had been completed billions years ago before galaxy stars were created, the force it had worked on the ingredients of stars must be still working to make galaxy stars continue to move like a vortex, though scientists have to assume existence of the dark matter as live even today.

In other word, the mark matter was what had existed before galaxy stars were created to form galaxies as we observe them today in the night sky, but it does not exist as material any more, though its effect is still real as inertial in the form of gravity to galaxy stars.

Note: After the birth of the universe, electrons came to be created in ten to the power of minus six seconds (10^-6 seconds) while the whole universe was in the size of 10^10 km at the time, though today it is 10^23 km.

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Act 7:16 And were carried over into Sychem, and laid in the sepulchre that Abraham bought for a sum of money of the sons of Emmor the father of Sychem.
Act 7:17 But when the time of the promise drew nigh, which God had sworn to Abraham, the people grew and multiplied in Egypt,
Act 7:18 Till another king arose, which knew not Joseph.