Sunday, July 17, 2016

"whether it be of God" - Outer Force from the Fourth Dimension


Outer Force from the Fourth Dimension

You place a sheet of paper on the desk with a coin on it.

You flick your finger at the coin; then it will move several inches.  But, if somebody is on the sheet of paper or the two-dimensional space, he just sees the coin suddenly moves for several inches without following the law of mechanics on the 2-D world.

Likewise, if somebody in a 4-D world flicks his finger at a coin in our 3-D world, we see it moves suddenly for several inches without following the law of mechanics on our 3-D world.

In this 3-D world, material with mass causes deformation in the 3-D space, which draws near another entity as gravity.  But force in the 4-D world can also cause deformation in the 3-D space, which works as if gravity were working on an entity in the 3-D world.

The dark matter must be this type of force that is triggered in the 4-D world to work on the space and material in the 3-D universe.

Scientists calculated that movement of stars in a galaxy cannot be possible without dark matter in the galaxy.  The  amount of dark matter is believed to be five times more than ordinary material such as atoms, electrons, protons, etc.  However, they cannot identify the dark matter.

But, if force from the 4-D space makes the galaxy deformed so as to generate an effect similar to gravity on stars, the movement of starts in the galaxy can be explained.

From the beginning, immediately after this universe was born, there were many locations where space was deformed due to an influence of a 4-D or 10-D outer space.  To the deformed concave areas, original material of starts gathered and concentrated.   Then, in each area, a galaxy was formed with stars moving under influence from a 4-D or 10-D outer space.  The dark matter does not exist in our 3-D universe, but it is force from another dimension.

The ratio of the energy scale of the dark matter against that of ordinary matter in this universe is 500%.  It tells how greatly our 3-D universe was influenced by outer force from a a 4-D or 10-D outer space in the past.  Even today, our universe must be full of concaves caused by force from a 4-D or 10-D outer space, where many elementary material gathered to form stars and galaxies.

Our 3-D universe is not like a very flat sheet of paper placed on the horizontal hard surface of a desk.  It is like a sheet of paper with full of concaves and convex parts placed on the rough ground.

Our mind is in an inner space.  But the space must be under influence of outer spiritual space.  The inner space where our mind exists must be full of deformation.  Accordingly, our minds cannot be stable.  Angels and devils are working on our inner space to guide us or destroy us.

Indeed, as Christ Jesus said, what can be seen is under influence of what cannot be seen.

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Joh 7:16 Jesus answered them, and said, My doctrine is not mine, but his that sent me.
Joh 7:17 If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself.