Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Nation East of the Continent

Tokyo Station

Under Reconstruction

With 23 Platforms

And subway platforms and so on...

A Nation East of the Continent (Une nation est du continent)

Japan is the only major country that is situated in the east of a continent.

It is also so close to the Eurasian continent through the Korean peninsula, Sakhalin Island, and Kurile Islands. Japan is not a country in the ocean but on the ocean.

So, what is unique is in the Japanese view on the world like Americans facing the two great oceans.

SECTION I: Internet User Map

North America, Europe, and East Asia are leading regions in terms of use of the Internet, followed by India and Brazil.

SECTION II: Mega-City Map

Tokyo constitutes the world leading mega-city domain with 35 million population on the Kanto Plain surrounding the city core.

SECTION III: World Value Survey

Japan is unique in that it respects secular-rational value more than any other countries according to some survey. Hence, the Japanese look non-religious and non-ideological. Even there is no "Japanese Dream" to be compared to the American Dream.

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SECTION IV: Churches and Shrines and Temples

There are 335,000 religious congregations in the United States, most of which are Christian churches.

There are 76,000 Buddhist temples and 79,000 shinto shrines in Japan in addition to 7,900 Christian churches and 40,000 other religious bodies and facilities in Japan. In sum, there are 200,000 religious congregations in Japan.

As the U.S. has 300 million population and Japan has 127 million, Japan is more religion-business-oriented though the Japanese do not look like so religious at all in the global standards.

For reference, Indonesia has about 100,000 mosques and 500,000 mushollas (Islamic prayer rooms) while it has 240 million population.

China has 85,000 religious facilities with 3,000 religious bodies. It has 1,341 million population.

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The Japanese Government is going to halt all the 53 nuclear reactors in power plants all over the country within a year. Accordingly, shortage of electricity is now a big social concern in Japan. Especially, this summer poses a challenge to citizens needing cooling equipment.

It is absurd. In the 21st century, why must Japan face electric power shortage?

Something is really wrong. But, this situation of Japan might be a warning to the world.

Every great religion was established when there was no use of electricity in the human society. Maybe, electricity might be the greatest obstacle to religious practice. You had better go to a church or a mosque which has no electricity at all.